Write This Way

It’s hot as a snowball in a boiling pot of Hell’s water.  The apartment supposedly conditions the air, but the amount of hot air blown around in my life must be seeping in.  I’m wearing a bathing suit around here today, and Gil the Cat dons his cat’s pajamas.

This morning spawned song writing mode…and no, this morning felt like a dagger to the still-beating heart as someone screamed “KALI MA, MUTHAFUCKA!!!”  I prefer menstrual cramps.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I wrote a song.  Now is as good of a time as any since SAAAD will, eventually, start work on new material.  Since I’m the newest member, I’d say I need to start pulling my weight.  I’ve not established any particular process, but listening to old Aerosmith albums coupled with personal struggles bodes well for musical progress.  Any tips?

Aerosmith has always been one of my go-to bands.  They’re my favorite classic hard rock band.  EVER.  They fascinated me ever since I was 8 years old.  By the time I was 10, I had devoured their autobiography.  For the record, 10 year olds should maybe not know what Quaaludes and Barbiturates are…oh, well.  Much of my tongue in cheek humor stems from Steven Tyler’s lyrics studied as an adolescent.  What can I say?  I come from a family who cherishes music and rebukes censorship…or as Ma & Dad put it, “Yeah, we forgot to read the book on parenting. You turned out fine.”

So, my hope on figuring out my writing process is, “I forgot to read the book. It’ll turn out fine.”


Down on the West Coast…

Down on the West Coast, they love their movies
Their golden gods and rock and roll groupies
And you’ve got the music, you’ve got the music
In you, don’t you?

This song.

This song is on repeat.

Not only does the musical juxtaposition of composition grab you, the video works right in cinematic tandem.  Lana Del Rey is torn between two love interests, whether they are actual people or personifications of playful, more innocent, carefree love and a presumably more mature, exotic yet stable life.

The tempo subtly shifts between the verses and the chorus, visually switching between the interests.  The whole film is shot in black and white, suggesting an equal struggle while wavering back and forth between her decision.  Near the end of the song, Lana is portrayed in a visually striking triadic color schemed shot, donning a brilliant red dress, surrounded by flames while singing “I’m in love.” Following, she remains in black and white while wearing a black leather jacket.  At this turning point, we are left to assume she chose ambition and success over a a more simple love.

I suppose this conflict remains one most must confront in their lives. Can we find happiness in life’s simple pleasures, or are we destined to follow the road lined with opulence?

Either way, a new favorite two-piece rock band named Royal Blood loved this song enough to cover it, and you should listen right now.


Lana Del Rey~~Blue Jeans

Blue jeans, white shirt
Walked into the room, You know you made my eyes burn.

I’m a born and bred Metalhead, but I’m a music lover first and foremost.

I’ve only within the past year or so started listening to Lana Del Rey, but her hauntingly beautiful voice draws me in when I’m feeling either content or pessimistically melancholy…and sometimes even at the same time. I’ve read her described as “Gangster Nancy Sinatra.” Personally, I wholeheartedly agree.  Not even Samuel Jackson can make the word “Motherfucker” sound so smoothly rolled off the tongue.

 Blue Jeans is the song of my now while I’m coping with some difficult life decisions.  

Take a listen with me.

I will love you ’til the end of time.
I would wait a million years.
Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine.
Baby, can you see through the tears?
Love you more
Than those bitches before.
Say you’ll remember, oh baby, say you’ll remember, oh baby ooh
I will love you ’til the end of time.

I told you that no matter what you did, I’d be by your side
Cause Imma ride or die
Whether you fail or fly.
Well, shit. At least you tried.


Rockstar Spotlight: Sarah the Comedian

Tonight’s as good of night as any to start up a new recurring passage: Spotlights

I’m throwing shout outs to exceptional people I meet who embody the Rockstar life mentality. These are people who beat to the tune of their own drum brazenly, who give no fucks, who follow their dreams despite hurdles, who love themselves unconditionally, who have been through Hell and conquered.

The first installation of Spotlights is Sarah the Comedian.

Sarah floated in and out of my childhood spent in the rural cornfields of Illinois.  We lived less than 5 miles away from each other for most of our lives.  She went to the local Catholic school with my cousins and other mutual childhood townie friends.  We reconnected back in high school, often drudging through the same advanced classes and exchanging the occasional friendly hallway “Hey!”  Thanks to the rise of social media during our collegiate years, we were both able to peer into each others lives as we grew into 20-something year old adults.

As Sarah grew into the confident woman she is (now moreso), she openly discusses her daily struggle with chronic illness.  What once stood as a personal issue she often hid, she now readily exploits for the sake of hilarity in her regular bits entitled “Cooking for None.”  I might take a lesson from her in regard to my own migraine problems.

And remember how I said she grew up going to the Catholic school preaching evangelism? Well, she just today went on an ALL CAPS TIRADE denouncing organized religion, institutionalized sexism, bigotry, and proclaimed her genderqueer identity.  Boy, did I eat that shit up.  I was FB liking all over the damn place.  LGBTQA Solidarity. Fight for the slain in Orlando.

So here’s to you, Alo!  You are Hero of the Day! \m/