Band Practice~3/4/17

So, today is the first band practice in…too long. Our initial plans are to record a song manifested in a jam sesh…over a year ago. It’s political.  I assume much of what we create in the near future will be quite incendiary.  I plan to give some updates throughout the day.

Also, I will do a full review of the Dorothy show from a couple weeks ago. That Woman…

Activation Activist 

​My brother, who happens to be gay, is afraid to leave his house.

Two of my trans friends were suicidal upon watching the results.

My Jewish friend said, “We’re about to elect Hitler into the White House.”

I fear for the lives of my POC friends.  The police are killing my black brothers and sisters.  Muslim women are attacked for their hijabs.  Indian men are being called Apu.  Soon, we’ll have Indian women being attacked for their bindis.

I might be a woman, but I’ll use my social advantage of being Cisgender and White to fight for you.  This is the end of the line.  It’s time to cross it.  With my Music and my Knowledge.

Activation Activist Breezer.