Write Me

Write me a letter
Write it today
I’m goin’ away

Well, there’s nothin’ I can see
That’d ever make me
Want to be without her
She’s good, she good to me

I spent too much at Barnes & Noble yesterday.

True to Rockstar form, not only did I buy a new journal to write down lyrics and inspiration, but I bought a “Songwriters Journal,” too.  You can keep track of chords, keys, verses, bridges…and Dave Grohl even contributed a quote in the sucker.  SQUEEE!!!


I picked up a special edition of Alice In Wonderland for $10.  OF COURSE I NEED THAT FOR SONGWRITING INSPIRATION!!! RIGHT?!?!


I also picked up a book about new findings regarding addiction.  NPR recently interviewed Maia Szalavitz, author of Unbroken Brain, wherein she argues addiction as a developmental disorder as opposed to a conscious choice or chronic brain disease.  Considering the prevalence of drug use throughout the years in the music scene…I figured this book was well worth mentioning.  I imagine I’ll discuss it in more depth at some later point in time.


But for now…I’m goin’ away.

The Lesshire Cat

Earlier today…

Bean the Coworker: “So, Brie, how was band practice last night?”

ME: “Well, Les couldn’t make it cuz he’s moving, so Tory and I worked on a new dance song.  It’s Alice in Wonderland inspired.  We want Les to voice the Cheshire Cat and sample him saying “We’re all mad here, Baby.”

Dab the other Coworker: “Why is Les the Cheshire Cat? Does he disappear?”

ME: Well, he *did* miss band practice yesterday.”

Listen to more of Les’ jams on Soundcloud.