Band Practice~3/4/17

So, today is the first band practice in…too long. Our initial plans are to record a song manifested in a jam sesh…over a year ago. It’s political.  I assume much of what we create in the near future will be quite incendiary.  I plan to give some updates throughout the day.

Also, I will do a full review of the Dorothy show from a couple weeks ago. That Woman…

The Lesshire Cat

Earlier today…

Bean the Coworker: “So, Brie, how was band practice last night?”

ME: “Well, Les couldn’t make it cuz he’s moving, so Tory and I worked on a new dance song.  It’s Alice in Wonderland inspired.  We want Les to voice the Cheshire Cat and sample him saying “We’re all mad here, Baby.”

Dab the other Coworker: “Why is Les the Cheshire Cat? Does he disappear?”

ME: Well, he *did* miss band practice yesterday.”

Listen to more of Les’ jams on Soundcloud.