Countdown to COA: Hell Or Highwater

Some of you may be familiar with the band Atreyu…well, this is Brandon Saller’s once solo project (The Black Cloud Collective) turned full band.


  • Brandon Saller Vocals
  • Kyle Rosa — Drums
  • Joey Bradford — Guitar
  • Jon Hoover — Guitar
  • Nick Maldonado — Bass/Synth

Instead of being drummer, Saller stands as frontman of Hell or Highwater.  Somewhat unexpected but appreciated, the band does not evoke the same Metalcore sound as Atreyu.  More hard rock and “alternative metal” sounds fill the music.  If you enjoy Breaking Benjamin, you will probably bob your head to their tunes.  M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold has even been featured on a song, so that’s a fair seal of approval in my book.


Take a listen to these Top 5 Listens care of Spotify.

1)  Go Alone (Featuring M. Shadows)

2)  Gimmie Love

3)  I Want It All

4)  Don’t Hate Me

5) Colors


  • Begin Again (2011)
  • The Other Side (EP)(2013)
  • Vista (LP)(2017)

If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a young band by purchasing their music.

Chicago Open Air: The Recap

It’s been a week since #thebestweekendever at the First Annual Chicago Open Air.  I was going to write a huge Recap post of Day 1, 2, & 3, but instead I’ll post some movies I made using Magisto and mention a few of the random highlights.

Day 1

  • The dude gettin’ it hardcore during Drowning Pool…about that Metal hair man.
  • Watching Butcher Babies’ “The Climb of Life“…Jesus Needs More Babies For His Little War Machine, afterall…
  • Maria Brink’s costumes ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Kuma’s Corner…The Zeppelin burger…ermagerd…
  • The double rainbow in the afternoon
  • All the fucking fire during Rammstein’s set.  It was like a Dethklok show.  I can literally die happy.


Day 2

  • Taking the day off and hanging out with my cat
  • Hatching a Pokemon egg while walking to Toyota Park from our parking spot literally the next town over
  • Watching KoRn kill their set for the second time in my life
  • Not being stuck in the parking lot for over an hour
  • Late Night waffles at IHOP with Baby Bro as the couple seated next to us critiqued their Metal weekend and trashed Disturbed


Day 3

  • Changing my opinion of BabyMetal after they yelled “BIGGA CIR-CLL!”, making a hand gesture to signal to the pit to grow wider…they finally sold me.
  • Being disappointed in Manson’s pisspoor performance..He’s done way better shows.
  • Finding the best kept secret spot of the arena so Baby Bro and I could quickly navigate between watching the 2nd stage from the arena balcony to the main stage
  • Watching the 9 guys of Slipknot perform in rhythm flawlessly
  • Watching post-spinal surgery Corey Taylor (Bae <3) amp up the charisma
  • Riding the Lightning all the way home from ChiTown…crazy storms were brewing during Slipknot’s set


Chicago Open Air: Day 3

Last day, Metalheads!!!🤘🎸


We’ll probably grab some more burgers from Kuma’s, too. Nommms🍔

Current lineup plans for us are:

  • 4:25–Bullet For My Valentine
  • 5:10–BABYMETAL
  • 5:50–Manson
  • 6:40–Killswitch Engage
  • 7:20–Five Finger Death Punch
  • 8:50–Slipknot

Hopefully, Corey Taylor doesn’t break his damn spine.

Chicago Open Air: Day 2

This is more like night 2. Baby Bro and I were raged the fuck out after Rammstein last night, so we took the day off. This might’ve been a poor life decision since we literally had to park the next town over. Since we’re old fuckers (23 & 27), we’re only staying to rage with KoRn! 

Stay Metal, kids. 🤘