Activation Activist 

​My brother, who happens to be gay, is afraid to leave his house.

Two of my trans friends were suicidal upon watching the results.

My Jewish friend said, “We’re about to elect Hitler into the White House.”

I fear for the lives of my POC friends.  The police are killing my black brothers and sisters.  Muslim women are attacked for their hijabs.  Indian men are being called Apu.  Soon, we’ll have Indian women being attacked for their bindis.

I might be a woman, but I’ll use my social advantage of being Cisgender and White to fight for you.  This is the end of the line.  It’s time to cross it.  With my Music and my Knowledge.

Activation Activist Breezer.

Rockstar Spotlight: Sarah the Comedian

Tonight’s as good of night as any to start up a new recurring passage: Spotlights

I’m throwing shout outs to exceptional people I meet who embody the Rockstar life mentality. These are people who beat to the tune of their own drum brazenly, who give no fucks, who follow their dreams despite hurdles, who love themselves unconditionally, who have been through Hell and conquered.

The first installation of Spotlights is Sarah the Comedian.

Sarah floated in and out of my childhood spent in the rural cornfields of Illinois.  We lived less than 5 miles away from each other for most of our lives.  She went to the local Catholic school with my cousins and other mutual childhood townie friends.  We reconnected back in high school, often drudging through the same advanced classes and exchanging the occasional friendly hallway “Hey!”  Thanks to the rise of social media during our collegiate years, we were both able to peer into each others lives as we grew into 20-something year old adults.

As Sarah grew into the confident woman she is (now moreso), she openly discusses her daily struggle with chronic illness.  What once stood as a personal issue she often hid, she now readily exploits for the sake of hilarity in her regular bits entitled “Cooking for None.”  I might take a lesson from her in regard to my own migraine problems.

And remember how I said she grew up going to the Catholic school preaching evangelism? Well, she just today went on an ALL CAPS TIRADE denouncing organized religion, institutionalized sexism, bigotry, and proclaimed her genderqueer identity.  Boy, did I eat that shit up.  I was FB liking all over the damn place.  LGBTQA Solidarity. Fight for the slain in Orlando.

So here’s to you, Alo!  You are Hero of the Day! \m/