Countdown to COA: Hell Or Highwater

Some of you may be familiar with the band Atreyu…well, this is Brandon Saller’s once solo project (The Black Cloud Collective) turned full band.


  • Brandon Saller Vocals
  • Kyle Rosa — Drums
  • Joey Bradford — Guitar
  • Jon Hoover — Guitar
  • Nick Maldonado — Bass/Synth

Instead of being drummer, Saller stands as frontman of Hell or Highwater.  Somewhat unexpected but appreciated, the band does not evoke the same Metalcore sound as Atreyu.  More hard rock and “alternative metal” sounds fill the music.  If you enjoy Breaking Benjamin, you will probably bob your head to their tunes.  M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold has even been featured on a song, so that’s a fair seal of approval in my book.


Take a listen to these Top 5 Listens care of Spotify.

1)  Go Alone (Featuring M. Shadows)

2)  Gimmie Love

3)  I Want It All

4)  Don’t Hate Me

5) Colors


  • Begin Again (2011)
  • The Other Side (EP)(2013)
  • Vista (LP)(2017)

If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a young band by purchasing their music.

Countdown to COA: Failure Anthem

I ‘m still working on my Metallica concert review post, but I wanted to get started on my pre-caps for the Chicago Open Air 2017 lineup.  I’ll be doing a bit of research on new bands and gushing about longtime favorites.

First up is an up and coming hard rock band from North Carolina: Failure Anthem.


  • Kile Odell – lead guitar (2013–present)
  • Ryan Nimmo – bass, backing vocals (2013–present)
  • Troy Surratt – drums (2016–present)
  • Chris Pierson – lead vocals (2016–2017)

The drummers and singers have moved in and out of this band during its birthing period, but guitarist Kile Odell and bassist Ryan Ninmo brought consistent stylistic fusion.  Odell adores James Hetfield and the heavier metals while Ninmo brings a little bit of country.

Personally, the “radio rock/radio metal” sound isn’t for me, but these guys got some good jams if you wanna drink a beer, cuddle with your partner, and chill to solid rock tunes…and that’s what COA is all about…you know, when you need a break from the moshing and headbanging.


If you’re gonna check out any songs to see how you feel about Failure Anthem, take a listen to these Top 5 Listens care of Spotify.

1)  Paralyzed

2)  First World Problems

3)  Here For Good

4)  Just A Wasteland

5)  The Ghost Inside



If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a young band by purchasing their debut album.


Black Tee Event

I just started getting the first shipments of band tees in the mail.  I’m hanging them all up on luxurious pink velvet hangers to air out.  Soon enough, I will start deciding how I want to distress and bedazzle them to sell to other MetalGlamourous people who will cherish them.

I plan to sell what I call “junk necklaces” personally assembled by yours truly, but first things first.  I won’t just sell Metal tees.  I will sell tees of rock bands I love and you love.  The more I send to you, the more I can find for you.  This is not just a business to me…this is me sending you art.  My heart has been missing something for quite awhile, and creation seems to fill the void.  I can’t wait to see what the journey brings.

Also, here’s a cute pic of Miss Wicka.

Hashtag #Smashtag

So, here’s a first…seeing a buddy’s band perform for an event!

I’m here with my guy at a wine-tasting/benefit for breast cancer called WineRocks! hosted at a dinky winery set back in the middle of farmland nowhere.  Dane sings with #Smashtag, one of the local bands in the Springfield area.  They specialize in covering hits, so I don’t always know all the tunes, but like all great live shows, I can enjoy dancing to the music. 


So, I’ve made up my mind on on new life endeavour.  

I enjoy my day job, but with the economy in it’s current state, I need a side hustle about which I’m passionate.  I absolutely adore beauty and fashion.  I always have.  My grandmother, Twilla, a rural farm girl from central IL, worked at a boutique in my hometown for over 30 years.  Clients from Chicago would travel to see her when buying evening wear, gowns, and fashionable business outfits.

I’m that strange mix of pink & black, frills & leather.  Following that, I plan to open an Etsy shop selling what I call “junk necklaces” & distressed band tees.  I’ve already started buying beads and supplies, so these are not some idle ramblings.

I cannot wait to share my collections with you in the future! 💍

The Pretty Reckless Night

*blows nose loudly*

The night began after a long day of hyping up at work, as is tradition.  Also after a day of scarfing handfuls of lemon-honey cough drops to stifle the sore throat blues from the Midwest Mother Nature mood swings.  I chugged a 5-Hour Energy, put on makeup with Piff, and hit the road shortly after 5PM to make the journey down to St. Louis.

FB_IMG_1494553545449I had not experienced a show at Delmar Hall, but the ambiance did not disappoint. The entrance opens right up into the bar which echos a similar style to the one inside The Pageant.  Bright colors and dedications to musical acts everywhere.  God, I love the Delmar Strip.  To the left of the bat opens entrances into the auditorium and an open area to but band swag.  I immediately bought Piff and myself concert tees, as is tradition.

Piff and I walked in to the opening act performance.  The band was Them Evils, an L.A.-based group birthing a sound of flawless hard rock heavy revivalism.  So much sound from a three-piece!  They ended their set with a killer version of Motorhead’sAce of Spades.” 20170511_200639

In between sets, Piff and I met and chatted up two lovely ladies, one complementing Piff’s seemingly innate hand for makeup artistry.  It must be all that practice with the Halloween makeup.  You can meet some pretty awesome people when you’re elbow to elbow focused on the same stage.  I also learned Facebook live is not best used when you’re in live audiences.  The audio scratches like a tin can.

It wasn’t long before we heard those sirens, that familiar riff, and “SINCE I’VE MET YOU, I’VE BEEN CRAAAAZYYY!!!”

The band evokes a loose jam sound while simultaneously possessing the capacity to rubber snap back after a quick derivation away from the original songpath.  Multiple times throughout the show, I felt Taylor Momsen transmit Robert Plant’s spirit (yes, I know he’s still with us) through her bluesy vocals and sunny Goldilocks draped over her face. They blew me away.  If you love their albums, you MUST see them live.  Taylor, in all of her rockstar swagger stomping across the stage, repeatedly exposed her excitement to be in St. Louis.  “THIS IS MY FUCKING HOMETOWN, ST. LOUIS!!!  MY FIRST CONCERT WAS AT BLUEBERRY HILL JUST DOWN THE STREET.  I SAW CHUCK BERRY! I FUCKING LOVE YOU!”

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At one point in the middle of the show, there were technical difficulties, so Taylor proceeded to tell a story about her family tree house and guitarist, Ben Phillips, playfully chastised his fellow bandmates.  

Too soon, the end of the show was upon us, but not before the band came back out for an encore.  Not only did they throw down with “Fucked up World,” but they threw in a massive drum solo by Jamie Perkins.  MUST WATCH!

Less than a week after the St. Louis show, The Pretty Reckless opened for Soundgarden at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan on what would be Chris Cornell’s last night on this Earth.