Countdown to COA: Crobot

I was skeptical about this band when I saw “Hard Rock” as the genre.  Today’s version of Hard Rock is a 3:30 minute song with formulaic structure which immediately turns me off.

That kind of “rock” is NOT this band.  Welcome, Crobot.

I felt like I was listening to a reborn Aerosmith when I first put this band on.  Beautiful bluesy classic rock sound with a modern makeover.  Each song presents a groove to which you must bob your head and swing your hips.


  • Brandon Yeagley – lead vocals, harmonica
  • Chris Bishop– guitar, vocals
  • Jake Figueroa – Bass
  • Paul Figueroa – Drums

Yeagley and Bishop founded the band with the Figueroa brothers joining up for the the self titled EP and first full length studio album produced by Machine, who’s worked with Lamb of God in the past.  These guys are known for touring constantly, another bit which reminds me of the early days of Aerosmith.  Apparently,  Yeagley’s frontman stage presence magnetizes crowds.  I shall see for myself in a few weeks.

These guys love to write songs about the supernatural…zombies, aliens, demons…there’s a clear interest.


Care of Spotify

1)  Nowhere to Hide

2)  Legend of the Spacebourne Killer

3)  La Mano de Lucifer

4) Not For Sale

5) Moment of Truth


If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a young band by purchasing their music.

Countdown to COA: Code Orange

Now THIS is a band I picked up on my radar a couple weeks ago thanks to Sirius XM Liquid Metal.  I’m not kidding guys.  Serious Metal Lady boner right here.  I’m pretty sure I dropped a Sounds of My Now on this group.


I would classify the band as melodic noise…which makes sense as their roots come from punk tones, with some songs even evoking a dirgey, dirty raw sound…a reason I to this day will always love the early 90’s grunge.  Officially, they consider themselves to be Hardcore.  


  • Eric Balderose – guitar, vocals, synthesizer (2008–present)
  • Reba Meyers – vocals (2008–present), bass (2008–2011), guitar (2011–present)
  • Jami Morgan – drums, vocals (2008–present)
  • Joe Goldman – bass (2011–present)
  • Dominic Landolina – guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals (2017–present)

They started out as the Code Orange Kids in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Early on, they opened for groups including The Misfits and Anti-Flag.  With their name change to Code Orange an evolution of style and sound.  Heavier.  Orangeier. 

The title track from their latest album Forever, grabbed me.  The rolling distortion.  The pounding, chaotic noise.  The unrelenting anger.  Bleeding in the Blur sold me.  The noise  still present but melodic, and dark.  Perhaps it’s the “hit pop song” from the album, but it showcases the stylistic versatility when juxtaposed against the dirges.   

Also, shout out to Reba! Hard Music has another badass chick guitarist and vocalist!  And thank you for seeing yourself as a person bringing others together over notoriety based on your gender.  Thank you. 


LOOK. LISTEN. LEARN. Care of Spotify.

1)  Forever

2) Bleeding In The Blur

3) My World

4) I Am King

5) Dreams In Inertia


If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a young band by purchasing their music.

Countdown to COA: Hell Or Highwater

Some of you may be familiar with the band Atreyu…well, this is Brandon Saller’s once solo project (The Black Cloud Collective) turned full band.


  • Brandon Saller Vocals
  • Kyle Rosa — Drums
  • Joey Bradford — Guitar
  • Jon Hoover — Guitar
  • Nick Maldonado — Bass/Synth

Instead of being drummer, Saller stands as frontman of Hell or Highwater.  Somewhat unexpected but appreciated, the band does not evoke the same Metalcore sound as Atreyu.  More hard rock and “alternative metal” sounds fill the music.  If you enjoy Breaking Benjamin, you will probably bob your head to their tunes.  M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold has even been featured on a song, so that’s a fair seal of approval in my book.


Take a listen to these Top 5 Listens care of Spotify.

1)  Go Alone (Featuring M. Shadows)

2)  Gimmie Love

3)  I Want It All

4)  Don’t Hate Me

5) Colors


  • Begin Again (2011)
  • The Other Side (EP)(2013)
  • Vista (LP)(2017)

If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a young band by purchasing their music.

Countdown to COA: Failure Anthem

I ‘m still working on my Metallica concert review post, but I wanted to get started on my pre-caps for the Chicago Open Air 2017 lineup.  I’ll be doing a bit of research on new bands and gushing about longtime favorites.

First up is an up and coming hard rock band from North Carolina: Failure Anthem.


  • Kile Odell – lead guitar (2013–present)
  • Ryan Nimmo – bass, backing vocals (2013–present)
  • Troy Surratt – drums (2016–present)
  • Chris Pierson – lead vocals (2016–2017)

The drummers and singers have moved in and out of this band during its birthing period, but guitarist Kile Odell and bassist Ryan Ninmo brought consistent stylistic fusion.  Odell adores James Hetfield and the heavier metals while Ninmo brings a little bit of country.

Personally, the “radio rock/radio metal” sound isn’t for me, but these guys got some good jams if you wanna drink a beer, cuddle with your partner, and chill to solid rock tunes…and that’s what COA is all about…you know, when you need a break from the moshing and headbanging.


If you’re gonna check out any songs to see how you feel about Failure Anthem, take a listen to these Top 5 Listens care of Spotify.

1)  Paralyzed

2)  First World Problems

3)  Here For Good

4)  Just A Wasteland

5)  The Ghost Inside



If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a young band by purchasing their debut album.


Black Tee Event

I just started getting the first shipments of band tees in the mail.  I’m hanging them all up on luxurious pink velvet hangers to air out.  Soon enough, I will start deciding how I want to distress and bedazzle them to sell to other MetalGlamourous people who will cherish them.

I plan to sell what I call “junk necklaces” personally assembled by yours truly, but first things first.  I won’t just sell Metal tees.  I will sell tees of rock bands I love and you love.  The more I send to you, the more I can find for you.  This is not just a business to me…this is me sending you art.  My heart has been missing something for quite awhile, and creation seems to fill the void.  I can’t wait to see what the journey brings.

Also, here’s a cute pic of Miss Wicka.

Ride the Lightening~~StL

So, most of the drive here was no problem, but, of course, the trouble started coming into the city. Right around the beginning of the construction zones, the rain came.

And so did the lightening.

As if it weren’t bad enough I’m still a bit unfamiliar with the twists and turns of the StL Interstate, the rain only poured harder until visibility was nil.

Two years ago, I would’ve been too paralyzed to even go to a show solo due to my anxiety disorder.  Now, it’s been fairly smooth sailing…except getting caught in the rain…