Dark Nights

Don’t send me no angel.
This city’s too cold.
Cause I need a man with a black heart of gold.

AHHHH!!! Lemme tell you about this Woman!  I haven’t been this excited about an up & coming artist since I discovered GHOST.  My friend Ré introduced me to Dorothy late one night not so long ago, and I was hooked.  Dorothy channels Patti Smith and Janis Joplin in attitude and vocals seemingly without effort.  Apparently, she’s studied in music, worked on writing pop songs in L.A., and decided one day she wanted to start a rock band with some of her dude pals…despite sharing a confined space with them while they exchange “air biscuits.”

Oh, and did I mention she recently posed for Playboy? *melts*


I know.  Total Babe.  And she’s talented as Hell.

Ré and I ponied up for VIP access for the band’s show at Blueberry Hill.  If you’re ever in St. Louis looking for some tasty American food, good tunes, and great shows, visit Blueberry Hill.  There’s about 10 different themed rooms.  All the gigs are down in the basement, otherwise known as The Duck Room.  Anywho, we jammed with the band during soundcheck, took our pics with them (they’re so nice!), and they signed our posters.

It was at this time Ré started girl crushing mad hard on Dorothy.  She even wore Dorothy’s Limited Edition signature lip tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  I asked, “Now Ré, do you want to take pictures together with the band, or–” “NO!”  Hahahahaha!



After Meet & Greet, we were starved.  We ordered some chicken tenders and fries to scarf during the free hour before showtime.


We ran back downstairs and realized we could only pay for Tour Tees in cash.  Normally, this is no problem as I typically bring cash with me to shows, but I did not foresee myself purchasing a band tee this time around.  I misjudged myself.  And of course…the ATM was out of order.  Where was the nearest known ATM you ask?  About 2 blocks down the road. Ré is not one to cause a fuss and momentarily resorted to not worrying about purchasing a tee, but if there’s one thing I believe, it’s in the magic of concert nights.  “No, chick.  We’re getting our tees.  We got about 5 minutes ’til the show starts.”  So, we booked.  And wouldn’t you know it…on our way out the door, but who do we bump into was Dorothy and her guitarist.  “Oh, Hi, Dorothy!” I politely exclaimed as we ran down the Del Mar blocks.  Well, we got the cash and hauled ass back to the venue all before the opening act was even finished with their set.  The great thing about small club shows is the quick setup between acts.  In no time, Dorothy and her boys were rocking down the house.

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Support your “Underground” artists.  They love their fans.





Dorothy with the Red Lips

So…another “school night” adventure embarks. 

My pal Ré and I are on our way to St. Louis to see this outstanding singer and her band at Blueberry Hill.  Ré introduced me to Dorothy a couple months ago. Upon viewing the cover art of the debut album–Dorothy’s tongue betwixt two blades–I was instantly intrigued. I threw on the tunes and immersed myself completely in the music. This band…is bluesy hard rock to the core.

You need to give them a listen. I bought their debut album ROCKISDEAD. Worth the investment.  




I don’t know about any of you, but over the years of attending concerts, I’ve developed a ritual of sorts. 

I take off work early so I can go home get ready. I put on albums of whoever I’m going to see and listen over and over until it finally hits me: “OMG! I’M GONNA BE IN THE SAME ROOM/PROXIMITY AS _____!!! *fangirls*”  If it’s a metal show, I paint my eyes with dark shadow and ruby red on my lips. I throw on an appropriate black band tee, grab cash for a new tee at the schwag table, and blast music on the drive to the venue.

I’m bringing a new friend with me to see Ghost tonight in St. Louis at The Pageant.  She’s a Metal Virgin.  I hope she has as much fun as I normally do!  

If you haven’t seen Ghost yet, you must! They sound of the clergy practically screams revivalist 70’s Heavy Metal.

Stay Metal and Rock On. 🤘