Band Practice~3/4/17

So, today is the first band practice in…too long. Our initial plans are to record a song manifested in a jam sesh…over a year ago. It’s political.  I assume much of what we create in the near future will be quite incendiary.  I plan to give some updates throughout the day.

Also, I will do a full review of the Dorothy show from a couple weeks ago. That Woman…

The Regulators Three

So, I’m going on an adventure into foreign territory: I’m going to a concert of a band about which I know very little.

The Cadillac Three is a Southern Rock band. You can tell they’ve listened to The Black Crowes and maybe even some Black Oak Arkansas.  They’re a bit country/folky, but I’m rarely one to pass up a live show with good friends with whom I’ve also had the pleasure of working…especially on a Friday night.  I shall keep you apprised. \m/

Only Women Bleed

And you live and love in pain.

She cries alone at night too often…Only Women Bleed

A man…I loved…told *ME*…what the cause of my actions were without taking me at my word..that I only engage in debate and discussion for self-validation at the expense of other’s feelings as opposed to being unapologetically and often abrasively curious about our world.

That is fucked up.

Yes, I’m gonna say it; that’s objectification–where one is treated as lacking agency and the ability to control actions, whether in a subconscious or purposeful manner.

I’m an autonomous agent of my own actions.  Don’t you tell me what are the cause of my own actions.

Don’t put up with this bullshit.  Don’t put up with overt OR covert sexism OR objectification in ANY aspect of your life, even when it’s unintended.  We’re better than that.  Reflect on your words and actions.